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Creating Healthy Smiles in Lake Zurich

Little boy looking in hand mirrorWe want every child to find the joy and confidence of a healthy smile. Our pediatric dentists and friendly staff are attentive to both the emotional and physical needs of young patients.

By building a relationship with your family and using a Tell-Show-Do approach to dentistry, we’re confident that your child will find their visits with us both comfortable and something they can look forward to.

Enjoy Access to Services Like:

  • Preventive Dentistry — Most common dental problems can be avoided through ongoing maintenance and good oral hygiene. Our team will work with your child to teach proper home care practices and combat disease through routine exams, gentle cleanings, protective dental sealants (to block out decay) and fluoride treatments at each checkup. If your child is involved in athletics, be sure to ask us about our protective sports mouthguards to reduce the risk of dental injuries and concussions. All of our X-rays are taken using low-radiation digital technology!
  • Restorative Treatments — Combatting tooth decay in primary (baby) teeth leads to healthier permanent (adult) teeth in the future. We offer comprehensive treatments like fillings, crowns and pulp therapy for abscessed teeth. If a tooth needs to be extracted, our space maintainers and tooth guidance options preserve healthy eruption patterns.
  • Oral Surgery — If a baby tooth can’t be restored, extracting it can relieve and prevent the spread of infection. Laser gum surgery is also available to expose teeth that are having trouble erupting on their own.
  • Emergency Care — Dental emergencies are one of the most common injuries that children experience. Whether it’s a chipped tooth from an accidental slip in the bathtub, an injury at a baseball game, an abscessed tooth or infected gums, we have a dentist available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns. We’re even open on Saturdays.
  • Behavior Management — It’s normal for some children to feel anxious or even scared about something they’re not familiar with (including trips to the dentist). Even if you’ve had a bad experience in the past, our team is committed to ensuring that every visit in our practice is something that your family can look forward to. To help children feel at ease throughout their visits, we offer gentle nitrous oxide analgesia, more commonly known as “laughing gas”.

Special Needs, Complex Cases and Sedation

In instances where your child requires general anesthesia — due to complex procedures, medical concerns, anxiety or special needs — our pediatric dentists have surgery privileges at the Hawthorn Surgery Center with access to sedation specialists and medical staff on site.

Although most cases can be completed in our practice, there are instances where these situations require a higher level of attention and care. We work closely with parents and caregivers to determine the most appropriate setting and comfort needs for their family’s unique situation.

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Schedule your child’s first checkup today! Appointments start as early as 7am.


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